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About Kent

Traditional marketing research firms collect data over a fixed period of time and provide a single report to their clients. On our platform, requesters would never have to close their request for data. Their reports, which they would be able to view at any point during data collection, are updated as data from providers is received and forwarded by the smart contract. As more data is available in our network, the data that the platform makes available to requesters becomes more comprehensive, which in turn gives the ability to design reports that are more comprehensive, including ones that combine data from more than one data request


There are organizations, called data brokers, that collect data on people from various sources, both online and offline. Most notably, they purchase data from Internet services and mobile applications that collect information on their users and track their in-app behavior. The data is used to create profiles for individual consumers and Data brokers make a lot of money But consumers, who are actually driving the industry, do not share in the profit. Consumers must demand a new standard for the storage of personally identifiable and sensitive information that is being used in market research


KineticNetwork users, not data brokers, would sell their data. By using smart contracts, which execute transactions between anonymous parties, users would be able to sell their data without disclosing their identity, only broad demographic information. A unique combination of a blockchain and Secure Multiparty Computation (SMC) makes it possible to enforce the exchange of data and payment between the provider and the requester of data without third-party involvement. While a blockchain makes the exchange transparent, SMC keeps data truly secure until an agreement has been reached and paid for

KENT Token Distribution

Token nameKinetic Network
Token symbolKENT
Token standardBEP-20
Total supply3 billions