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  • Thank you for allowing us to help you better with our professional services. We hope you enjoy the services provided. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the services for any reason, or if the problem persists, you can contact us again within 7 days of payment and we will solve our problem for free. If the matter is not resolved, we will authorize a 100% refund.
  • After the required work has been done, customers are encouraged to check that the issue has been resolved and ensure that the promised services are delivered correctly. If for any reason, the issue is not resolved completely even after the services have been delivered, customers are encouraged to contact us on our specific lines provided on the website to assist us first by arranging another review or refunding the duly charged amount.
  • Refund:

  • CONTACT US: To resolve a complaint regarding the Site or to receive further information regarding the use of the Site, please contact us at Kinetic Network 1407 Azalea Ave, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476 the United States Phone: +1 870-393-0067


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